Who we are

Due to increasing industry demand, with the guidance of industry leaders Green Tech Drilling Products services has been designing, testing and producing high performance downhole drilling tools and components for oilfield exploration and development. Green Tech Drilling Services is an offshore drilling contractor that operates and manages a fleet of modern, high specification drilling rigs on a global basis.

What we do

Since our inception in 2005 we have forged a very experienced and dynamic team of personnel from across the globe to support our total drilling operations supplies.

Green Tech Drilling Products is dedicated to providing outstanding service, product selection and custom manufacture, guiding you to the products you need, supported by knowledgeable and experienced “drilling” industry expertise, so that your projects run smoothly.

Green Tech offers complete service and products from simple product supply to custom development and manufacture. We will follow and assist with your project from conception, through in-house design to completion including follow-up support.

The Green Tech Drilling Services team ensures QA/QC program that has delivered on the Safety, Operational and Drilling performance which has exceeded the expectations of our customers.


  • Dth Hammers –
  • Reverse Cırculatıon
  •  Mud Motors
  •  Shock Tools
  •  Drilling Jars
  •  Jet Groutıng
  •  Exploratıon/Corıng
  •  Anchor Bar
  • Equıpment
  • Products
  • Casıng
  • Adapters
  • Slide Reamers
  • Under Reamıng
  • Top Hammer
  • Lubrıcants & Lubrıcators
  • Drıll Bıts
  • O-Pıle System
  • Drıllıng Consumables
  • Carbıde Bıts

DTH (Dow-The Hole)

Efficient energy usage results in clean, straight, quality holes with deep hole capacity. DTH is one of the fastest methods to drill hard rock. (Also for use on Products Landing Page) In DTH, the hammer screws to the top of the drill bit. The fast hammer action breaks hard rock into small flakes and dust which is blown clear by the air exhaust from the DTH hammer. Green Tech is the distributor of several lines of quality DTH Hammers, Bits and accessory wear parts including the revolutionary Symmetrix system.

Reverse Circulation – RC Drilling

Reverse Circulation offers the ultimate control of cutting removal and containment.

RC Drilling:

  • Reduces air loss into the formation
  • Has less impact in sensitive areas
  • Is energy efficient.

RC drilling can drill and grout in one pass and can quickly and efficiently collect samples, while employing large rotary drills and air compression. Using large rigs and machinery, RC drilling routinely achieves depths of up to 500 meters.

Jet Grouting or Jet Mixing

Jet grouting uses very high pressured (6,000psi or 40 MPa) streams of grout to erode, replace, cut and mix cement and soil. Grout is fed via a high pressure jet pump through a rotating drill and forced out horizontally through nozzles, at the bottom of the drill pipe. A column of grouted soil is formed from the bottom upwards. Column diameters are typically 2 to 6 feet.

Capable of treating all soil types from clay to gravel. Particularly effective in structural underpinnings and foundation work or where there is limited surface access, obstruction above and below surface or buried utilities.

Green Tech Drilling Services Products supply all parts and accessories for jet grouting including, high pressure pumps, drills and their accessories and of course, grout.

Exploration & Coring

Green Tech offers the full scope of drilling product, drill, rigs and accessories for coring including sonic. Sonic drilling enhances coring by using high –frequency, resonant energy to advance a core barrel or casing into the ground. The energy is transferred down the drill string to the bit face. At the same time, the drill string rotates and evenly distributes the energy and impact to the drill face.


Green Tech Drilling hollow core anchors are designed to be drilled in and grouted through, leaving a steel reinforced grout column and anchor head in each borehole. These anchors can be installed in any condition and are ideal for conditions that would normally be difficult for conventional solid bars. Green Tech self-drilling anchors are available in a wide range of sizes. Green Tech offers hollow bars in both “R” (round) and “T” (trapezoidal) thread design.


From Compressors to Hammers and everything drilling, Green Tech Drilling Services Products sells, rents and provides lease to own terms, to suit your project. Brand name, internationally reliable equipment is available.

We can match your needs to the proper equipment, to get the job done, at terms that suit your project!

  • Hammers
  • Compressors
  • Lead Systems
  • Down the Hole
  • Casing Cutter Assembly
  • Drill String
  • Rotary Heads
  • Power Packs

Casing/Drill Rod

CASING: Many variables have to be considered when choosing the right casing for your application.

Typical variables might include such things as:

  • Rotary or Percussion Drilling applications
  • Permanent or Retrievable
  • Thread Type
  • Number of starts/leads
  • Inner (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) dimensions for your bit to pass through.
  • Other variables would be the type of connections you require:
  • Pin x Box
  • Box x Blank
  • Pin x Blank

DRILL ROD/STEEL: Drill rods are available in round or hexagonal and either M/M or M/F ends.

Coupling are added to attached M/M drill steel together. Extension rods are hollow so that air or water can be incorporated into the cuttings.

Green Tech Drilling Services Products supplies Drill Steel in common lengths and thread types.

T-38 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

T-45 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

T-51 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

Other thread and lengths are available, if required.


An Adapter Sub or Crossover Sub is used to connect one type of thread to another. Available in any combination of Box x Box, Pin x Box, or Pin x Pin. Many different thread types can be involved with different lengths, wall thicknesses, and material types.

Under Reaming – Overburden Drill Systems

Under Reaming advances casing into the bored hole. Green Tech Drilling Services Products offer 4 main overburden drill systems from which to choose. Each offer unique benefits and are adaptable to your drilling situation.

  • Excellent performance in drilling through loose overburden
  • Drill through overburden with casing
  • Drilling system designed to case the hole and reduce collapse and lost drilling equipment and down time
  • High productivity, straight deep holes without risk of air leakage or over drilling

Top Hammer

Top Hammer drilling uses striker bar or shank adapters to rotate the steel as well as to “hammer” into rock via hydraulic percussion from above. Used in road building, pipeline construction and tunneling or where rock removal is necessary. Is also used in combination with hollow anchor bars for support.

Green Tech supplies a wide variety of Top Hammers, Bits and Drill Steel and their accessories. We source uncommon sizes, threads and lengths to suit your drilling needs.

Lubricants and Drill Fluids

Green Tech Drilling Services Products proudly sells the Lubricants and Drill Fluids line of Environmentally-Friendly Drilling Lubricants as well as many products to help keep your equipment and rigs in tip-top shape. GTDS Manufactures a wide range of environmentally-safe drilling fluids and lubricants based on high performance vegetable oil technology to:

  • Meet clean performance standards
  • Reduce re-drills
  • Avoid problems down the hole
  • Increase production
  • Reduce drilling and re-drilling costs


Green Teche typically sells Tri-Cone Bits in sizes ranging from 4″ to over 24″. Larger jobs require larger tricones so sizes can range up to 36. Size range and type of ground conditions will determine the bit you need.


Have you considered the possibilities? O’Pile walls have many flexible applications. They lessen environmental impact, in particular in sensitive construction conditions and zones and are quicker and more economical to construct than any other methods.

O’Pile Applications:

With interlocked casings, O’Pile walls can be used as

  • Dock construction and quay walls
  • Flood control and support walls
  • Vertically sealed enclosure walls
  • Pollution or water controll walls etc.
  • Site excavations etc

O-Pile walls can bring considerably savings in construction time with the possibility to completely eliminate temporary retaining walls. They can also be make water proof to 50 metres.

Interlocked pipe pile wall techniques, together with horizontal drilling, opens endless possibilities for horizontal O-Pile wall structures. All urban areas have requirements to build under streets structures for utilities, transport tunnels and pedestrian underpasses etc. Interlocked O-Piles offers a new method to build under streets and close to existing structures, reducing the possibility of collapse and without cutting vital traffic.

Drilling Consumables

Green Tech can supply your project consumable products which are ideally suited to your drilling needs and equipment. They provide long service life, quick change times and high drill rates. An authorized Betek dealer, Green Tech Drilling Services Products also manufactures a full line of drilling consumables.

Carbide Bits

Hammer bits, ring bits, drop off shoes, crown and step insert bits. Most bits use carbide buttons to give them cutting power. Green Tech will match a carbide bit to your system and ground formation, for effective drilling.

Many carbide bits are repairable. Green Tech offers a full cost effective repair program, with quick turn around.