Customized Anchor Bolts

Green Tech Solutions is a distributor of construction fasteners and hardware accessories. Products include studs, screws, hangers, sleeves, bits, pins, grips, bolts, wings, chains, taps, dies, yokes, lifting eyes, key stocks, rod and yoke ends, shackles, turnbuckles, clips, clamps, rivets, hooks, snaps, nuts, threaded rods and lock washers. Types of bolts include B7 heavy head, hex head, A-325, low, tap, tank, carriage, elevator, anchor and toggle bolts. Types of chains include proof coil, high test, double loop, straight coil, straight machine, twist machine and sash chains. Types of nuts include Allen, hex, cap, castle, coupling, flange, left hand thread, jam, kep, lock, slotted, nylon insert, square, tee and wing nuts. Types of pins include clevis, cotter, diaper, dowel, spring, spring, solid, straight, split, taper, hitch and lock pins. Types of screws include binding head machine, brass wood, brass round head slot machine, counter bore, 12 point, drywall, fillister head, thread cutting, flat, Phillips, tapping, self-piercing, hexagon, slotted, unslotted, lag, oval head, pan, round, drive, self-drilling, torx floorboard, truss head machine, tek and thumb screws. Bins, hand cleaners, tape measures, thread gages, wire brushes and tapes are also available. Same day shipping. 24 hour service and stock items also available.